MPP has considerable expertise in the design and manufacture of P/M gears. We maintain a special Gear Laboratory, which is equipped with a wide range of instrumentation dedicated to the design and manufacture of P/M gears.

P/M gears are found in automobiles, outdoor power equipment, power hand tools, appliances, office machinery, and many other applications. The P/M process is capable of producing close tolerance, high-strength gears at economical prices in volume quantities. Spur, helical, bevel, face, spur-helical, and helical-helical gears are produced with P/M techniques.

General process advantages of P/M gear manufacture include:

  • Economy in mass production
  • Repeatability and uniformity of part features and dimensions
  • Production of multilevel gears
  • Close control of density or porosity to suit a particular application
  • Reduction or elimination of secondary operations
  • Improved surface finishes on gear teeth
  • Self-lubricating ability from impregnation of oils and lubricants
  • Noise reduction from the sound-dampening qualities of the pore structure of a P/M component
  • Weight reduction



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