Specialty Materials

MPP produces components from a variety of specialty materials, including copper, copper alloys (which include pure electrolytic grade copper, brass, bronze, and nickel silver), and copper-infiltrated irons and steels.

  • Pure Electrolytic Grade Copper – Excellent electrical and thermal conductivity and often used in heat sink or electrical contractor applications.


  • Brass – Often used in structural applications, where corrosion resistance and appearance are important.


  • Bronze – Frequently used in self-lubricating bearings, where densities and mechanical performance higher than those of brass are required.


  • Nickel Silver – Better corrosion resistance and mechanical properties than brass and often used for decorative purposes.


  • Copper Infiltrated Iron and Steels – Used when the application calls for increased mechanical and fatigue strength or improved machinability, when chemical plating is required, or when the application must be pressure tight.

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