MPP is the world’s largest producer of structural aluminum P/M components and is leading the way in the use of P/M aluminum for a variety of new and existing applications.

The combination of aluminum’s light weight and moderate strength give it an excellent strength-to-weight ratio. Aluminum offers product forms and alloys that surpass any other material. The design flexibility of aluminum is unparalleled, allowing designers to engineer optimum shape and performance for each specific application. P/M aluminum can compete successfully with less costly materials because of the advantages it brings in primary and secondary weight savings, structural performance, and design flexibility.

Aluminum is:

  • Light in weight – about a third as heavy as copper or steel
  • Highly resistant to corrosion
  • Strong, and it can be made stronger by alloying and heat treatment
  • An excellent conductor of heat and electricity
  • Nonmagnetic, a valuable property around sensitive electronics
  • Outstanding in cryogenic properties – strong, not brittle, in intense cold
  • Good machinability
  • Good response to a variety of finishing processes, such as anodizing
  • Completely recyclable (and, therefore, energy-efficient)


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