MPP is an industry leader in the manufacturing technologies associated with the powder metallurgy process. From our computer-controlled, multi-function presses and specially designed, high-temperature, sintering furnaces to our secondary operations facilities and innovative processes such as powder metallurgy joining techniques, we have aggressively invested in equipment and programs to increase productivity and reduce costs. MPP has a higher percentage of Certified Powder Metallurgy Technologists than any other powder metallurgy company in the U.S.

MPP employs Advanced Planning Quality Programs that enable us to anticipate problems, optimize design, and produce parts more efficiently. Each step in the production cycle is monitored using various statistical evaluation methods, including SPC. We’ve also instituted a comprehensive Lean Manufacturing program to economically produce high quality products in varying quantities with no waste. Common attributes of MPP’s lean manufacturing operations include the extensive use of cell manufacturing and continuous flow manufacturing.

MPP uses continuous improvement programs including:

  • JIT
  • 5-S

These programs enable MPP to work with customers to reduce costs throughout the supply chain.

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