Engineering Solutions: Valve Plate

Customer Need

A heavily machined 4-piece stamping was contributing to a 35 percent scrap rate in a compressor valve plate used in truck air conditioning systems.


MPP Solution

MPP designed a copper-infiltrated steel valve plate as a drop-in replacement component to replace the machined 4-piece stamping used in diesel truck air conditioning systems and stationary refrigeration applications. The 35 percent scrap rate was due, in part, to voids in the joining of the four individual pieces. The unusual geometry of the MPP parts comes from sinter-bonding the three-part assembly into a single unit. The plate body and two valve seat inserts are copper-infiltrated to make a stronger part. The finished part is flat and parallel to within .0005 in. per square inch of surface area. It carries tensile and yield strengths of 80,000 and 60,000 psi, respectively. The P/M part provides a 30 percent cost savings over the former stamped plate.

“The P/M part provides a 30% cost savings over the former stamped plate.”

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