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Pulley & Bearing

Customer Need The customer needed to replace a machined cast iron pulley and bearing to reduce wear and improve corrosion resistance in a belt-drive tensioner system.

MPP Solution MPP used a high-strength P/M blend to reduce the weight of the finished assembly.

Latch Bolts

Customer Need The customer needed to replace expensive investment cast stainless steel latch bolts to reduce cost, while meeting stringent UL testing requirements.

MPP Solution MPP converted the part to a stainless steel P/M weldment, reducing cost 40 percent.

Cam Caps

Customer Need Die cast aluminum camshaft bearing caps required expensive secondary machining to achieve close tolerance features, resulting in higher cost.

MPP Solution MPP, the world’s largest producer of structural P/M aluminum components, designed P/M aluminum cam caps that achieve the required close tolerances (some as tight as 0.04 mm) as part of the net-shape P/M process, resulting in a significant cost savings.

Ring Gear

Customer Need The heat treating process used in the manufacture of a ring gear was distorting the gear teeth, resulting in excessive gear noise.

MPP Solution MPP replaced the heat-treated internal ring gear with a sinter-hardened P/M gear.

Gear & Cam

Customer Need A leading manufacturer of electric hedge trimmers needed a cost-efficient assembly that could withstand a minimum push-out force of 500 pounds and 60 foot-pounds of torque.

MPP Solution MPP specifically designed a net-shaped gear and cam assembly with no secondary machining.

Valve Plate

Customer Need A heavily machined 4-piece stamping was contributing to a 35 percent scrap rate in a compressor valve plate used in truck air conditioning systems.

MPP Solution Using a sinter bonded P/M assembly, MPP designed a copper-infiltrated steel valve plate.

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